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Katy is one of the most thoughtful and connected reiki healers I have had the pleasure of working with. The whole experience from the moment I stepped in was instant calm. Katy goes above & beyond to make your experience personal & unique and provides a beautiful space where you can let go, feel elevated again and remove those blocks in safe, gentle & protected space. The crystals I adore - Katy’s knowledge & dedication to their properties is so inspiring”.

’I have also experienced Katy’s distance healings which are equally as powerful so no matter the time zone you can still enjoy the benefits in the comfort of your own home. Thank you Katy for your wonderful dedication, care & good vibes you share so passionately, can’t recommend enough.
— Claire Cooper, Actress

Over the course of 3 years I have some of the most powerfully healing reiki sessions with Katy. Her ability to listen to my needs as client, develop a personal treatment plan, and continually hold space for me have been beyond life changing.

As a clinical therapist, there are many healing elements which can be explored in the clinical setting; similarly with reiki, there is an exponential amount of energetic healing which takes place in each session. I am beyond grateful for her work as a practitioner and have found myself continually making referrals to her. To anyone who is wanting to explore this modality of healing and energy work, I would say it has been transformational.
— Jillian Barba, MSW Doctoral Candidate: USC

Katy is a master not just at what she does but in how she makes you feel. Such an open and caring person. I did a Reiki session with her when myself and my wife called over to hang with the Sloane’s. Whether you believe in this stuff or not, isn’t important. Everyone knows about energy. Spiritual or scientific, it is law and she embodies it. I’m all about energy, and I left with a tank full
— Emmett Scanlan, actor

I’m a sceptic. A pessimist. A non-believer. An atheist. After some persuasion I opted to try my first ever reiki session with Katy. How can someone NOT touching me aid my aches and pains? Clear away any negativity? My mind raced with loud, rock n’roll music as I entered the room. An hour later, I felt rejuvenated, better about myself and undoubtedly more positive about that which I don’t understand. The reiki opened my narrow little mind and, for a moment, calmed the noise. Am I now a believer? An optimist? A positive soul who relies on unexplained mystical healthcare? I don’t know...but I am willing to be open minded and replicate the fabulous feeling it gave me while I investigate further.
— Richard Short, Actor

My experience with Katy was profound. She has an angelic and intuitive quality that calms immediately and allows you to fully surrender and just be in the moment. During my reiki/crystal/angel therapy I fell into a deeply relaxed state, and could actually feel unwanted energies leaving my body. The talk after my treatment was equally interesting, we exchanged the colours and sensations we had both experienced and the visions Katy had seen for me - she also has a natural psychic energy. I left Katy’s beautiful treatment room feeling lighter, happier and truly revitalised. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Chrissy Chong, Actress
I am so grateful to have met Katy. Whenever I have a session with her I feel as though my spirit and soul have taken a lovely gulp of crystal clear, refreshing water after being dehydrated. It is like nourishment and repair after any energies are blocked or drained. Her sessions have worked for me after many a time, such as during times of feeling stuck, a lull in happiness, or sense of purpose, being overworked, being underworked, needing inspiration, a bad argument or just feeling like I need a reset.
Katy has opened up my understanding to reiki, both spiritually and physically. Depending on what I am looking to work on, at any given time, I always feel that she truly taps into the goal, beyond even what we discuss pre session. Its sort of like Katy intuitively works in all facets beyond my understanding to bring about the right ingredients, so to speak, of what I am needing. Her sessions always feel full of protection, warmth and love. I always leave there with a sense of calm, rejuvenation and amazement at how down the road, things start to unfold in the most subtle and sometimes obvious ways of what I had been searching for.
Thank you Katy!
— Angela Gots - Actress
I’m a New York Italian. I don’t have time for the whoo-whoo stuff. Sure, I’ve gotten my occasional tarot reading, dabbled in some meditation, and even have a bust of Buddha in my garden. I didn’t really believe in Reiki or crystals or angels or energy but when I found myself in emotional distress – getting divorced, stalled in my career, in pain from a bad back and hip – a friend suggested I do a Reiki session with Katy. What the heck? What do I have to lose, I thought. At least I can spend the hour relaxing and getting out of the house. So, I went. I lay there on the table. New age music played low. And we began. I don’t know when it happened exactly, but somewhere in the session I started to relax, really relax, relax in a way I had never experienced. Some images passed through my mind. Fleeting but lovely. Afterward, I felt refreshed, renewed. More optimistic. Katy gave me feedback from the session. What energy she experienced in my various chakras. She told me what images she saw. It was fabulous. Now I go weekly to see Katy. She’s amazing, kind and generous. And does she have one of the best laughs in the world! A real belly laugh gusto for life. My Reiki sessions are so important to me. Now I don’t know if I “believe” in Reiki, or crystals or angels, but I do know that Katy has a special talent facilitating my personal journey. I recommend her without reservation. Oh, and tell her a joke and you’ll know what I mean about her fabulous laugh!