Mother ○ Artist ○ Reiki Master ○ crystal addict ○ Angel advocate


Hi I'm Katy, thank you for stopping by! 

Let me tell you a little bit about my story and how I transformed from a regular, fun loving girl with a dream, to a Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive, Crystal healer and Artist living that dream....in Los Angeles...the city of angels...literally.


My mind raced with fear and confusion, I scoured the internet looking for anything that could possibly help my one day old baby nephew Stanley. I wasn't particularly spiritual but I found myself googling 'spiritual healing'... I wonder if miraculously there might be a spiritual guru knocking about in Liverpool, England? And if so maybe he/she will go into Alderhey children's hospital and heal Stanley... and the other children and then this nightmare would be over?

Get real Katy... I've always been a dreamer and I was often told I 'lived with my head in the clouds' and needed to get in the 'real world', still I had an overwhelming feeling that there was something more that could be done, something that surpassed the physical.



My poor sister was in bits, just hours after her son was born she received the devastating news that Stanley had a rare bowel defect, he needed to be operated on immediately and would need several major operations in the first year of his young life.

My 'spiritual healing' search on google redirected me to articles about the practice and healing power of reiki. I had no idea what this "reiki" was but it sounded pretty cool and if what I read was correct, I could bypass the pilgrimage journey and put my spiritual effort into something that any average Joe (or Katy) can do! Great...now my mission was to enroll in a course to receive an attunement to reiki and to channel this reiki to Stanley. As fate would have it, that weekend there was a reiki course taking place 1 mile up the road from where my sister and I lived, and as if that wasn't serendipitous enough the reiki master teaching the course happened to be an old friend of the family!

"I'm booking on to a reiki energy healing course, it's going to help Stanley"…was my immediate text to my sister. Initially, I thought she's going to think “She's lost the plot” but to my surprise she replied back immediately..."Is there space for me too?".

The rest is history. We both embarked on our reiki one course and received our attunement that weekend. After each of Stanley's op's we gave him reiki healing. The results were beyond what we could have imagined...they were amazing! Stanley was released from the hospital and recovered from each of his ops super quick and we knew that reiki was the catalyst. Six years later Stanley is doing great and my sister and I are now reiki masters! To call some of the experiences that we and our clients have had 'profound', would be an understatement! 


Through the darkest times comes great light! 

I am now taking my healing work a step further and channeling it into my artwork.  To be able to combine my artistic background with my spiritual qualifications is a dream come true. I love nothing more than pulling out a blank canvas and creating something magical that will help others connect to their inner light. 

My collection is titled 'Medart8', med refers to the meditative state I reach when creating each piece, art is pretty self explanatory (lol), and 8 represents infinite love and abundance in all areas of our lives.

I hope you enjoy browsing the collection!

Namaste (the light in me honors and see's the light in you) 


" What I love most about this collection is it reminds us to connect with our angels and guides. The crystals within the artwork allows you to stand in front of your art and literally recharge."  - Katy Sloane

To go a little into my background, I studied Art in England and have a degree in Art & fashion. After showing my collection on the runway at London Graduate Fashion Week and starring on the UK TV show ‘Project Runway’, I moved to Los Angeles with my family to pursue career as an artist.


Areas of expertise:

  • Reiki healing

  • Angel & Crystal meditation

  • Angel Card reading

  • Angel Therapy Practitioner

  • Crystal Healing


  • Studied with the highly regarded Doreen Virtue. 

  • Studied with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

  • Is an initiate of Transcendental Meditation


  • Angel and Crystal meditation classes at Soul Hum and Unplug meditation studios, Los Angeles

  • Personalized Reiki sessions in private studio with Medoface, Los Angeles


  • Latest collection titled ‘Medart8’ is inspired by angels and the art of meditation, and incorporates mixed media in the form of feathers beautifully hand applied to canvas with subtle crystals playfully concealed among the striking feathered foliage.

  • Artwork infused with healing reiki energy and positive vibes

  • Pieces of crystals such as amethyst, citrine, aqua aura quartz and rose quartz bringing the energy of crystals and healing into the home

  • Personalized crystal grids created with sacred geometric prints, incorporating personalized mantra/intentions